"All in one – and a colorful professionalism"


The salon owner

Trained hairdresser and makeup artist.

Melanie opened Twilight Zone in 2009.
The ambition was to establish a green salon where professionalism and passion should be united – and we have succeeded!
It's all taken its time – and that's part of the strategy; there must be peace for the individual and time for the simple. Melanie is both professionally and personally engaged in the salon, which she insists must be a stress-free zone. There's room for everything, but in good peace.
She continues to train, and she is a skilled hairdresser who masters matching customer and clips so that the result is personal.

"Technical ingenuity and natural curiosity"


Formerly self-employed. Trained hairdresser.

Lizette has been in the profession for a long time, but she still always shows up curiously for a new day. She has a well-developed technique and cuts scraped and precise, but she herself is gentle and round in her attitude to life.
She loves to meet new hair – and she has a penchant for men's clips because it allows her to work with the techniques she so sublimely masters.


Passion for hair

Craftsmanship, professionalism, hair sense, natural beauty and meeting people – Twilight Zone is a holistic experience!

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