"Love is in the hair"

Donate your hair - and get cut and styled for free

On Monday 9 August, Twilight Zone donates all profits from treatments performed between 9am and 2pm to the Cancer Society – and for the rest of the day, between 3pm and 8pm, you can donate your hair and be cut and styled for free. Read more further down.

Anyone can donate if you meet the following requirements;


The cut donation hair should be at least about 25 cm, and preferably longer if you can do without it.


The donation hair must NOT be chemically treated, i.e. lightened or permanent.

Before you get here

The donation hair should be clean, completely dry and brushed well through.

Twilight Zone takes care of the practicalities of the donation, you just need to book an appointment – and then Melanie and Lizette make sure you leave the salon with nice and styled hair. It costs nothing, but if you want to be sure to get a seat, book today; ring on 50 50 93 12

'Love is in the Hair'

'Love is in the Hair' is a hardonation project initiated by Toftild, a North Jutland wig shop that since 2015 has collected donation hair, which is translated into a little bit of everyday   self-confidence and profit in a difficult time. Toftild makes beautiful and user-friendly wigs for people who suffer from involuntary hair loss. It makes people with cancer, and when you donate hair to the project, it becomes easier for Toftild to produce natural wigs for those in need. 

Read more about Toftild and their donation project 'Love is in the Hair' 

How it works

Louise let the lures fall

It makes a difference

If you can make a difference, it makes sense – and when we were allowed to cut Louise some time ago, who wanted to donate her long delicious hair to Toftild because she has a friend who has been cancerous herself, we just knew that more people should have that opportunity. That's why this year we're part of the Relay for Life, and that's why we came up with the idea for a tough day.  

"Love is in the Hair"
Monday, August 9


Contact the salon - if you want to book an appointment or hear more about the event. 

Other ways you can help.

Baton for life Fanø

On 26 August, the Relay for Life – for the first time – will be held on Fanø. The event is held from 16 to 22nd and the hope is that together we can go into a story we are all a part of. We celebrate life, remember and make a difference. Support with your presence or participation.

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